Research and Vulnerabilities

IstroSec conducts research and discovers new vulnerabilities to improve the security of third-party applications used around the world.

Vulnerabilities discovered by IstroSec

Name Product ID Severity  Date
Microsoft Windows Media Foundation RCE  Microsoft Media Foundation CVE-2021-41330  Critical 9/2021
Heap-based Buffer Overflow (RCE) Foxit Reader ZDI-CAN-14812 High 9/2021
Read Access Violation near null Foxit Reader / Low 8/2021
Out-of-bounds Read Foxit Reader ZDI-CAN-14659 Low 8/2021
Read Access Violation near null Foxit Reader / Low 7/2021
Cross-site Scripting exacqVision Web Service CVE-2021-27659 Medium 3/2021
Cross-site Scripting exacqVision Enterprise Manager  CVE-2021-27658 Medium 3/2021
Information Exposure exacqVision Web Service CVE-2021-27656 High 3/2021
Untrusted search path vulnerability Adobe Flash Player CVE-2016-4116 High 5/2016
Untrusted search path vulnerability Adobe Reader and Acrobat CVE-2016-1090 High 5/2016